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Life in the Chicken shack-at the Vicarage at Chatsworth

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

Hi I'm Rocky , yes I know its a strange name for a hen but they let the grandchildren name us. Each chose names of their favourite cartoon character for us .

It all began when we were living in a barn with hundreds of chickens, everyone of us clucking away and making quite a noise. We were all hybrid chickens. At seventeen weeks old we knew we would soon be separated , some would be going to lay eggs for people to eat and some would be going for dinner, I guess in peoples houses. The farmer, who looked after us after we hatched from our shells, lived in a house next door to the barn. Anyway one day he suddenly came and picked six of us and we were all put in a cardboard box , then the box was put into a car and we were moving. I think at this point we began to feel nervous and we all went very quiet wondering what would happen next. After what seemed a long time, the car stopped the box was opened and we could all jump out. They told us it was our new home.

The rest of the day was spent exploring. We met two old girls living in our new home Amber and Violet, better names for hens than ours Rocky, Rubble, Ginger, Chase, Cluckers and Nugget. At first the old girls were a little unsure of us but we tried to treat them with respect although we were rather excited .

There was a lot more space here but it was strange wandering around outside, this was certainly more exciting than being in the barn. Then dusk came and we all flew into the trees to perch for the night only to discover they didn't want us in the trees so they got us out and put us in a large shack with perches and nest boxes. I quite liked it and it would be safer than being outside as we were securely locked in. Amber and Violet were settled on one side so we newcomers settled on the other side. The following night some of us went into the shack instead of the trees but Chase and Rubble continued to go in the trees for several more nights, I think they were being rebellious. We all have our moments!

In the chicken shack we all have our own places on the perches and we usually come out in the same order one by one, sitting down for our morning stroke and fuss before heading off to see what scraps have come from the house for our breakfast. A curry goes down well!!

Now we have settled we lay lots of eggs which they seem pleased about. The guests enjoy them for breakfast. We are all developing our own characters as we keep busy exploring the extensive gardens and interacting with our keepers. Some day I'll tell you more about our antics!


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