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The first six months of running a Bed and Breakfast!

Updated: Dec 18, 2017

Everything was prepared after months of planning, refurbishment of the rooms, decor and furnishings purchased. The final touches added. The website went live and the phone rang.......our first guests were on the way! One last check around the rooms before they arrive. Its nerve racking ...... is everything in place, have we thought of everything they might need? We are in the countryside a few miles from any shops which is great for a quiet escape but a disadvantage if you've forgotten something though not if we can provide the essentials, which is what we aim to do.

The guests arrive to leave their bags before going to a celebration. All is well with the facilities but there is a crisis with the stick on finger nails as thy begin falling off (not mine the guests)! I remember I once had a kit of nails I never used, maybe there was some glue. A quick dash upstairs, a rummage through the appropriate drawer and with great delight I discovered I still had the kit and there was glue! I stuck the nails carefully in place despite the trembling fingers they were to adorn. Crisis solved. The guests left for their celebration.

The following day after a good night sleep in the super king sized bed, and a hearty breakfast, the guests enjoyed a quiet, relaxing, time walking and exploring Chatsworth park.

Returning to the Vicarage @ Chatsworth they enjoyed the peace and comfort of the "garden room" for another evening. The following day after another hearty breakfast our guests left happily, vowing to return.

My nerves had settled , I think its going to be good, although I will not necessarily be able to provide every random item a guest may require , I think I will enjoy running a bed and breakfast and the challenge of attaining the highest standards. Was giving up my career, the challenges, stress, satisfaction, highs and lows that go with it, finding a new way of earning a living, allowing me to enjoy more time in the beautiful surroundings of Edensor village and Chatsworth Park the right decision? Time will tell.

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