• Margaret

Whats this white stuff???

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

Hello remember me? I'm Rocky from the chicken shack at "The Vicarage at Chatsworth" Bed & Breakfast accommodation. We (me and my 5 companions ) had been settling into our new home quite nicely when something strange happened. She came to let us out in the morning as usual. The door of the shack slid open, I hesitated. What was this all about this all about! It's not white when we come out for breakfast. Doesn't feel quite right, everything is still and quiet .....and cold..........not right.

"Well someone has to lead the way, it is breakfast time and I'm starving! " came a voice from behind. Nugget, a normally reserved chicken, pushed passed us all and went out first, usually she's last but this morning she was the adventurous one. The first to go and investigate the white stuff.

It was strange stuff to walk on , a little slippery too and I might say a bit cold. I think the mistress found us amusing she kept laughing and saying, "It's only snow." Well Ok but we hadn't seen it before or felt it , or walked on it! Wonder if this is how its going to be? Think I like the blue sky and sunshine more.

Breakfast was still good though and I know our day exploring the garden will be good as always. Just have to get the eggs laid for the guests breakfast!!

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